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Dirty Harry may refer to:

Film and media franchise[edit]

  • Dirty Harry, a 1971 feature film starring Clint Eastwood
    • Harry Callahan (character), Inspector "Dirty" Harry Callahan is the title character portrayed by Eastwood in the feature film and associated media
    • Dirty Harry (film series), a series of films featuring "Dirty" Harry, based on the original Dirty Harry film
    • Dirty Harry (1990 video game)), an NES video game based on the Dirty Harry franchise
    • Dirty Harry (2007 video game), a canceled video game scheduled for a 2007 release by The Collective, Inc., based on the 1971 film of the same name
    • Dane Hartman, the pseudoymn of the authors who penned twelve Dirty Harry novels for Warner Books
    • Collection Supercop, the collection of Dirty Harry novels translated into French by Jean-Paul Schweighaeuser and published by Éditions Fleuve Noir

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