Disclosures in Scarlet

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Disclosures in Scarlet
Disclosures in scarlet.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Frank Utpatel for Disclosures in Scarlet
Author Carl Jacobi
Cover artist Frank Utpatel
Country United States
Language English
Genre Fantasy, Horror, Science fiction short stories
Publisher Arkham House
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback)
Pages 181 pp

Disclosures in Scarlet is a collection of stories by author Carl Jacobi. It was released in 1972 and was the author's third collection of stories published by Arkham House. It was published in an edition of 3,127 copies. The stories had been published originally in earlier anthologies edited by August Derleth or in the magazines Galaxy, If, Fantastic Universe and Thrilling Wonder Stories.


Disclosures in Scarlet contains the following stories:

  1. "The Aquarium"
  2. "The Player at Yellow Silence"
  3. "The Unpleasantness at Carver House"
  4. "The Cocomacaque"
  5. "The Gentleman Is An Epwa"
  6. "The Royal Opera House"
  7. "Strangers To Straba"
  8. "Exit Mr. Smith"
  9. "Gentlemen, The Scavengers"
  10. "Round Robin"
  11. "The White Pinnacle"
  12. "Mr. Iper of Hamilton"
  13. "The War of the Weeds"
  14. "Kincaid's Car"
  15. "The Random Quantity"
  16. "Sequence"
  17. "The Singleton Barrier"


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