Disco in Dream

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Disco in Dream
DID - THR Tour - Promotional Poster.jpg
Tour by Kylie Minogue
Associated album Kylie
Enjoy Yourself
Start date 2 October 1989
End date 27 October 1989
Legs 2
Shows 4 in Asia
10 in Europe
14 Total
Kylie Minogue concert chronology
Disco in Dream
Enjoy Yourself Tour

Disco in Dream is the debut concert tour by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. The tour supported her first two studio albums, Kylie (1988) and Enjoy Yourself (1989). The tour took place in Asia, and after in Europe the tour would be re-titled as The Hitman Roadshow (sponsored by Coca-Cola) and advertised as The Coca-Cola Hitman Roadshow, as free concerts to "thank British fans' support". The show was targeted towards fans under the age of 18. The images used in the poster of the tour were from a photo shoot that took place in 1988 for the Weekend magazine.


  1. "The Loco-Motion"
  2. "Got to Be Certain"
  3. "Tears on My Pillow"
  4. "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi"
  5. "Made in Heaven"
  6. "Hand on Your Heart"
  7. "Wouldn't Change a Thing"
  8. "I Should Be So Lucky"

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
Disco in Dream
2 October 1989 Nagoya Japan Nagoya Rainbow Hall
6 October 1989 Tokyo Tokyo Dome
7 October 1989 Osaka Osaka-jō Hall
8 October 1989
The Hitman Roadshow
15 October 1989 London England Hammersmith Palais
16 October 1989 Plymouth Ritzy Discothèque
17 October 1989 Swansea Wales
18 October 1989 Manchester England Manchester Apollo
19 October 1989 Liverpool Liverpool Empire Theatre
22 October 1989 Bristol Studio Nightclub
23 October 1989 Newcastle Mayfair Ballroom
24 October 1989 Sheffield The Roxy
25 October 1989 Birmingham Ritzy Discothèque
27 October 1989 Edinburgh Scotland Playhouse Theatre


Executive producer: Kylie Minogue
Produced and directed: Michael Baumohl and Roger Yader
Co-Producer: Terry Blamey
Choreography: Venol John
Costumes: Carol Minogue

Commercial release[edit]

Kylie On the Go – Live in Japan
DVD cover
Video by Kylie Minogue
Released April 1990
Genre Popdance, live
Length 55:00
Kylie Minogue chronology
The Videos 2
Kylie On the Go – Live in Japan
Let's Get To...The Videos

The tour was released on PAL home video in 1990, which featured mixed footage from all concerts, plus a documentary inserted between tracks.[1] The video, entitled Kylie On the Go – Live in Japan, was also released in Japan on Laserdisc.[2]

In 2003, following the success of Fever, a Brazilian NTSC DVD was released.[3]

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