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Discount Tire store, Ypsilanti, MI
Discount Tire Co.
Industry Independent Tire Retailer
Founded Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States (1960)
Headquarters Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Number of locations
Over 875 Stores, In 28 States (Dec 2013)[1][2]
Key people
Bruce Halle, founder
Michael Zuieback, CEO
Steve Wiles, COO
Gary VanBrundt, Vice Chairman
Christian Rowe, CFO
Products Tires, Wheels
Revenue $3.7 Billion[3]
Number of employees

Discount Tire Company is a tire and wheel retailer headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.[4]

Discount Tire is also known as America's Tire in Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and California (except for San Diego County, where it is still known as "Discount Tire").

Company History[edit]

Discount Tire was founded in 1960, in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Bruce T. Halle. After a couple of false starts in other businesses, Bruce T. Halle decided to go into business on his own. He rented an old plumbing supply building on Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[5] Halle tidied up the place and hung a sign outside that displayed his stock: six tires; two new and four retreads, and only waited for new business. It took 3 days before Halle received his first customer, but it took an additional 4 days before he sold his first tire. Halle admits to having no real business plan in place when he first opened his doors in 1960, and with only 6 tires in stock, all he had to stand on was hard work and a strong desire to support his wife and three young children. [6] Now, with more than 900 stores in 28 states, Discount Tire has grown to become the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer.[7]

Today, Discount Tire is regarded as one of America’s most respected companies, rising from a single-man operation and growing into the largest independent tire and wheel retailer in the world[8] Its growth has been largely attributed to the company’s long-standing focus on fair dealing, reasonable prices, top-notch customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.[9] For a company that started with no business plan and only six tires, these focus points have definitely served Discount Tire well—especially when considering it relies upon a single concept; good customer service. Halle understood that for a company to excel in a commodity market, product differentiation was going to be a non-starter. However, improving the customer experience can explode a brand's value.[10]

While customer service serves as focal point for success for Discount Tire, Halle attributes the company’s overall growth and success to its employees for exhibiting the founding philosophy in which Discount Tire truly lives and thrives; treat people with respect and fairness, always do what is right, care for those in need, work hard, be responsible and have fun.[11] This philosophy is then truly built around the employee more than the customer because, as the way Discount Tire see’s it; happy employees make happy customers, not the other way around.[12] In Halle’s vision, success comes from focusing on what each person owes to his family, to future employees and to the next customer coming in the door. Everyone has an unbreakable contract to pay forward to the next customer, the next employee and the next generation [13] For this reason, Halle has made a promise to his people: Do a good job, and I’ll provide lifelong opportunity for you.[14] This promise extends to the Discount Tire culture where they enforce a strict promote-from-within model for its employees.[15]

In 2005, Discount Tire’s “Thank You” commercial made it into the Guinness World Records as the longest continuously running TV commercial of all time.[16] This commercial depicts a “little old lady” hurling a tire through a Discount Tire store window with the ending tagline reading, “if ever you’re not satisfied with one of our tires, please feel free to bring it back.” [17]

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