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"Disillusion" is a ballad[1] by pop group ABBA, released on their 1973 debut album Ring Ring. It is notable for being the only song ABBA recorded to feature a song-writing credit from Agnetha Faltskog.[2][3] She, unlike Frida, was a songwriter as well as a singer, and had dabbled in that in her pre-ABBA career.[4] She wrote the music, with lyrics added by fellow ABBA member Bjorn.[5]


Although she wrote several Swedish top 40 hits during her solo career, she didn't feel her compositions were suitable for ABBA's albums. However, although this is her only songwriting credit to appear on an ABBA album, she also co-wrote a songs ABBA performed in concert "I'm Still Alive"; Recordings of this often appears in bootlegs. The song itself is a folk-pop based ballad somewhat similar to her pre-ABBA solo work.


This is Agnetha's first track where she has exclusive lead vocal, and her only until The Winner Takes It All in 1980 (the 1976 song My Love, My Life has backing vocals by Frida).[1] The track has "sparse instrumentation", and the song has no harmonies from other ABBA members. This is different to the Swedish version she recorded for her 1975 solo album Elva Kvinnor I Ett Hus (Eleven Women In One House). The song was produced by Agnetha and entitled Mina Ogon; it was "far more ambitious".[1]


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