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Filelight disk space analyzer uses sliced pie chart

A disk space analyzer (or disk usage analysis software) is a software utility for the visualization of disk space usage by getting the size for each folder (including sub-folders) and files in a folder or drive. Most of these applications analyze this information to generate a graphical chart showing disk usage distribution according to folders or other user defined criteria.

Main features[edit]

Features commonly present in this type of software:

  • May scan files, folders, drives size
  • Presents graphical utilization information chart
  • Lists files/folders according to configurable criteria

Extra features[edit]

Other common features of this category of programs:

  • May export result to a HTML, XML, Excel
  • Can be used to find duplicated files and folders
  • Can calculate file checksums
  • May integrate with system shell
  • May use treemaps
  • Can cleanup files
  • May perform scheduled filesystem scans
  • Can include and exclude certain files and folders in scan
  • May present disk health indicators using S.M.A.R.T.