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Disney Channel
Netherlands & Flanders
Launched 3 October 2009
Network Disney-ABC Television Group
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
Picture format 16:9 576i (SDTV)
Audience share 0.6% (2012, [1])
Slogan Dat moet je meemaken!
(You have got to experience that!)
Country Benelux
Language Dutch and English (Dual audio)
Broadcast area Netherlands
Headquarters Bergweg 50
Sister channel(s) Disney XD
Disney Junior
Website Official website
CanalDigitaal (dual audio) Channel 38 or 66
UPC Netherlands (dual audio) Channel 20 and analogue
Ziggo (dual audio) Channel 16
Telenet (dual audio) (Flanders) Channel 29 and analogue
Telenet (dual audio) (Brussels) Channel 119
KPN Interactive TV (Netherlands) Channel 19
Telfort Interactive TV (Netherlands) Channel 19
XS4All Interactive TV (Netherlands) Channel 19
Belgacom TV (dual audio) (Belgium) Channel 133
Streaming media
UPC Horizon Watch live (Netherlands only)

Disney Channel Netherlands & Flanders (or sometimes Disney Channel Benelux, however this version is not broadcast in Wallonia and Luxembourg) is the Dutch edition of the Disney Channel, owned by the Walt Disney Company. All content is dubbed in Dutch except for the programs that are produced in the Netherlands or Flanders. There are two different versions with local advertisements.


The channel first launched on 3 October 2009 on UPC Netherlands.[2] On 30 October 2009 it launched in Belgium on Telenet and Belgacom.[3] On 22 June 2010 it was added to analog. In September 2011 the Playhouse Disney block became Disney Junior. On 1 September 2011 it launched on Ziggo.[4] The channel was scheduled for a release on Caiway in October 2011, but that has been cancelled.[5] In early 2012 hours were expanded and a new logo was adopted. On 16 August 2012 it launched on CanalDigitaal and TV Vlaanderen at Astra 23.5 East.[6] In July 2013 subtitled programs were moved to late night.[7] In September 2013 there was no schedule and in October 2013 subtitled programs were moved to the weekend nights.[8] From 1 April 2014, Disney Channel broadcast only on operator Ziggo the animation series, sitcoms and movies with dual audio channels, with the English channel selected there are standard no Dutch subtitles, however in most cases they can activate Dutch subtitles with teletekstpage 888. There are some exceptions, Violetta is only broadcast in Dutch dubbing. The function is in test period, the function is available on 3 Juni 2014 at UPC.

Disney Channel, Disney XD 24 ours and Disney Junior become been available on 2 Juli 2014 at KPN Interactieve TV. And on 1 Juli 2014 on KPN subsidiary Telfort. On this operator is do NOT have dual audio channels. However is it currently unknow, on this date the English audio channel become also been available on Canal Digitaal.



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