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Disney Channel
Launched November 2001
Network Disney-ABC Television Group
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
Picture format Resolution:
576i (SD)
Aspect Ratio:
Audience share 1.8% (Week 10 '14, [1])
Country Portugal
Language Portuguese
Broadcast area Portugal
Cape Verde
Headquarters Paço d'Arcos, Oeiras
Sister channel(s) Disney Junior
Website [2]
NOS 40
MEO 40
ZAP ao 48
ZAP mz 48
DStv ao 600
NOS 40
Cabovisão 55
AR Telecom 27
TV Cabo ao 48
TV Cabo Mz 48
Vodafone Tv Net Voz 40
MEO 40
ZAP cv 13

Disney Channel is a Portuguese basic cable and satellite television network. It broadcasts Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior originals and non-originals. It was launched in November 2001 as a premium channel, it later was added to basic packages across platforms.


Disney Channel airs live action, animated series, short series, Disney XD, and films. All programs are either original or non-original.
Since July 2013, most Disney Channel and Disney XD original shows are broadcast with dual audio channels, Portuguese or English, using MPEG2 and AAC standards, respectively.

Disney Junior[edit]

Disney Junior in Disney Channel is a preschool block. It airs in the morning hours. All programs target ages 2–6.



As of October, 2012, Disney Channel Portugal has been disputing the leadership of Cable/Satellite/IPTV ratings, in terms of daily average, with Canal Hollywood, finishing second for all but one week. However it was the channel with most shows on Top 15 along the month, ranging from five to nine shows per week.[1][2][3][4]


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