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Disney Channel
Launched April 17, 1998
Owned by The Walt Disney Company
(operated by Vocento)
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV) (December 1, 2011)
Broadcast area Nacional
Formerly called Fly Music (only in TDT)
Sister channel(s) Intereconomía TV
Disney Cinemagic
Disney Junior
Disney XD
Website http://disneychannel.es
TDT Spain: 68UHF y 23UHF
Digital+ Dial: 30
ONO Dial: 49
R Dial: 29
Dial 30 (DC+1)
Euskaltel Dial: 76
telecable Dial: 33
Movistar TV Dial: 50
Dial 51 (DC+1)
Orange TV Dial: 41
Dial 42 (DC+1)

Disney Channel Spain is a free-to-air television channel and is an edition of the The Walt Disney Company-owned Disney Channel, broadcasting in Spain. It is marketed to mostly children; however, in recent years the diversity of viewers has increased with an older audience. It is owned by Disney-ABC Cable Networks Group. which is owned by The Walt Disney Company and by Spanish group Vocento which includes the conservative Spanish newspaper ABC (unrelated to Disney's American TV network also named ABC). It began broadcasting in 1998 as a satellite television channel. On July 1, 2008, it replaced the channel Fly Music on the Spanish digital terrestrial television, thus becoming the first Disney Channel available in open television, that is Disney channel in Spain is free.

A 1-hour timeshift channel called Disney Channel +1 is available on some satellite television services. It has three sister channels, Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Cinemagic.


Disney Channel Spain was born in 1998, when The Walt Disney Company and Sogecable came to an agreement to distribute a version in Spanish of the American "Disney Channel" on the satellite platform Canal Satellite Digital. The channel began broadcasting on April 17, 1998. For the launch of the channel was used, in addition to the file cartoon series and film Disney-produced programs that bring the channel to the Spanish public. Spaces were made as well Art Attack, Spanish version of the American program by Jordi Cruz among others.

In August 1999, Disney Channel Spain adopted Disney Channel UK's Circles logo and ident set created by GÉDÉON. 3 years after the diversified supply channel in the same satellite platform, and offers 3 channels: an timeshift called Disney Channel +1, Toon Disney and Playhouse Disney. The first issue is devoted exclusively to animation of Disney, while the second is a channel for preschool children and with special schedules. In 2008, Toon Disney became Disney Cinemagic. In February 2008 the Disney company decided to buy 20% stake in the group of digital terrestrial television Net TV, and the contract involved the possibility of exploiting one of the 2 licenses for the company's current DTT.

Finally, the company announced in late May 2008 the launch of Disney Channel as an open channel from July 1, 2008 under the provision of DTT. This way, the frequency where Fly Music, a channel that was managed by Europroducciones, was broadcasting, was assigned to Disney Channel. The director of the chain at that time, Jose Vila, confirmed that the schedule would be similar to the time the channel was pay per view, but increasing advertising to cover costs. The launch includes an advertising campaign under the slogan "Disney Channel, at last for everybody".With this announcement, Disney Channel Spain became the first Disney Channel in the world to broadcast in free-to-air terrestrial television.

Starting on May 1, 2010 Disney Channel Spain started broadcasting in 16:9 widescreen. Disney Channel will launch their new International Logo in June 20, 2011. The website was also revamped. In 2012 a service called Disney Replay was introduced. It airs full episodes of series. The Phineas and Ferb episode "Knot My Problem" first premiered on this service on June 10, 2013. In November 2013 the site was changed as per the other European Disney Channels.


Series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and Disney Channel Original Series takes most of the schedule.

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