Disposable Half-Truths

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Disposable Half-Truths
Studio album by Richard H. Kirk
Released 1980
Recorded Western Works Studio
Label Industrial
Producer Richard H. Kirk
Richard H. Kirk chronology
  • Disposable Half-Truths
  • (1980)

Disposable Half-Truths is a solo album by Richard H. Kirk, released originally on cassette by Industrial Records in 1980. Recorded at Western Works Studio. In 1992, The Grey Area re-released the CD version.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Synesthesia"
  2. "Outburst"
  3. "Information Therapy"
  4. "Magic Words Command"
  5. "Thermal Damage"
  6. "Plate Glass Replicas"
  7. "Insect Friends Of Allah"
  8. "Scatalist"
  9. "False Erotic Love"
  10. "L.D. 50"
  11. "L.D. 60"
  12. "Amnesic Disassociation"



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