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The distance medley relay is an athletic event in which four athletes compete as part of a relay. Unlike most track relays, each member of the team runs a different distance. A distance medley relay is made up of a 1200 meter leg, or three laps on a standard 400 meter track; a 400 meter leg, or one lap; an 800 meter leg, or two laps; and a 1600 meter leg, or four laps - in that order. The total distance run is 4000 meters or nearly 2.5 miles. Aside from the 400 meter segment, which is a sprint, all legs are a middle distance run.

World best[edit]

The Kenyan team of Elkanah Angwenyi in 2:50.8 (1,200 meters), Thomas Musembi in 45.8 (400), Alfred Yego in 1:46.2 (800) and Alex Kipchirchir in 3:52.8 (1,600) currently hold the world best with a time of 9:15.56. This mark was set on April 29, 2006, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Villanova University Women's team of Kathy Franey in 3:20.9 (1,200 meters), Michelle Bennett in 52.9 (400 meters), Celeste Halliday in 2:04.7 (800 meters) and Vicki Huber in 4:29.9 (1,600 meters) currently hold the world best time of 10:48.38. This mark was set over twenty years ago at the Penn Relays in April 1988 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The University of Tennessee women's team of Phoebe Wright in 3:23, Brittany Jones in 53.31, Chanelle Price in 2:03.19, and Sarah Bowman in 4:31.11 hold the indoor world record, at 10:50.98, set at the NCAA Indoor Championships in 2009.[1]

American record[edit]

The United States Blue Team of Chris Lukezic in 2:51.7 (1,200 meters), James Carter in 45.6 (400 meters), Khadevis Robinson in 1:44.5 (800 meters), and Bernard Lagat in 3:53.8 (1,600 meters) set the Outdoor American Record of 9:15.63 at the Penn Relays on April, 29th 2006 as well, finishing second to the Kenyan World Record team.

The Oregon Track Club team of Nick Symmonds (1,200 meters), Matt Scherer (400), Tyler Mulder (800) and Will Leer (1,600) currently have the American indoor record with a time of 9:21.77. This record was set on February 12, 2010, at the Husky Classic in Seattle, Washington.[2]


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