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Distinct Nature was a Canadian boy band. They achieved some fame during the late 1990s and early 2000s primarily in Canada. They are most known for their radio-friendly 1999 single, "Human", produced by Mark Ryan. The song sampled and interpolated the 1986 hit "Human", performed by the synthpop group The Human League. That single was later followed by "You and I" and "Easier Said Than Done" (also produced by Ryan).

They were together for 10 years prior, to finally disbanding late 2001.

Distinct Nature's Canadian contemporaries within their genre included b4-4, 3 Deep, The Boomtang Boys, Prozzak, Jake, Identically Different (I.D), McMaster & James, Voices in Public (VIP), Sugar Jones, Velvet Empire, Untamed, SoulDecision, Shawn Desman, Jacynthe, Joee, D-Cru, 11:30, Wave



  • "Human" (1999)
  • "You and I" (2001)
  • "Easier Said Than Done" (2001)

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