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The mission of the District of Columbia Housing Authority Office of Public Safety is the prevention of crime, the protection of life and property, and the preservation of peace and safety in and around public housing in the District of Columbia.

The Office of Public Safety (OPS) was created in 1995 to increase security for residents of public housing through a grassroots approach to community policing. Sworn members of the OPS have the power to execute any traffic citation or any criminal process, misdemeanor or felony, issued by any court of the District of Columbia or any such offense against District of Columbia laws, ordinances, rules or regulations. The DCHAPD has the authority to stop someone for a traffic violation in Washington. D.C. (District of Columbia Register June 4, 1999, under Title 18 DCMR, Section 3002 and 3003).

Organization and Structure[edit]

The OPS is a fully operational 24-hour police force which covers fixed security stations and conducts security patrols throughout the city’s public housing developments. Headed by Chief Joel Maupin, the OPS is staffed with:

  • Sworn police officers who have full jurisdiction to make arrests throughout the District of Columbia,
  • Special police officers Commissioned by the Mayor of the District of Columbia to have full arrest powers on DCHA properties,
  • Resident monitors who screen visitors at DCHA developments and
  • Civilian administrative support personnel

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