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This article is about the district in Kosovo. For the district of the Serbian government, see Kosovo-Pomoravlje District.
District of Gjilan
Qarku i Gjilanit
Gnjilanski okrug/region
RR GJI.png
Gnjilane District within Kosovo
Capital Gnjilane
 – Total
 – % water

 – Total
 – Density

Area code 00 381 (0)280
Postal code 60000
Time zone CET, summer CEST

The District of Gjilan or the District of Gnjilane (Albanian: Qarku i Gjilanit) is one of the seven districts (the higher-level administrative divisions) of Kosovo, with seat in the town of Gjilan.

The region corresponds the same area as locally known as Anamorava which is seen as part of the region because of the Morava river. The district is not to be confused with the Municipalities of Gjilan which is newer and also smaller. For more, see also Municipalities of Kosovo.


It include the municipalities of:

Ethnic groups[edit]

In 1991, all municipalities of the district had an Albanian majority: Gjilan (Gnjilane) (76.54%), Kamenica (Dardanë) (73.05%), Vitina (Viti) (78.68%).

In the 2011 census,after the creation of new municipalities with Serb population, Albanians are the majority in: Gjilan (Gnjilane) (97.4%), Kamenica (Dardanë (94.7%), Vitina (Viti) (99.3%),and in Klokot (53.3%). Serbs are the majority in:Parteš (Partesh) (99.9%) and in Ranilug (Ranillug) (95.5%). In Klokot they represent 46% of the population.

Ethnic groups in 2011 census: The largest ethnic groups are Albanians and the biggest minority groups are Serbs.

Number %
TOTAL 181,459 100
Albanians 170,053 93.7
Serbs 8,945 4.9
Turks 988 0.5
Roma (Ashkali) 652 0.4
Others and no response 686 0.4

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