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About the district in Kosovo|Peja district

Qarku i Pejës
Pećki okrug
District of Pejë/region
RR PE.png
Peja District within Kosovo
Capital Peja (Peć)
 – Total
 – % water

 603 km²
 – Total
 – Density

 174,235 (2011 census)
 158.8 /km²
Area code 039
Postal code 30000
Time zone CET, summer CEST

The District of Peja or District of Peć (Albanian: Qarku i Pejës; Serbian: Пећки округ or Pećki okrug/region) is one the seven districts (the higher-level administrative divisions) of Kosovo; it has its seat in the city of Pejë.


The district includes the municipalities of:

Ethnic groups[edit]

All 3 municipalities in the district have Albanian majority. According to the 1991 census, the population of the Peja municipality included 75.46% Albanians, 11.56% Serbs and Montenegrins, and 7.73% Muslims by nationality. The population of the Istok municipality included 76.68% Albanians, 12.70% Serbs and Montenegrins, and 7.11% Muslims by nationality. The population of the Klina municipality included 85.93% Albanians, and 9.16% Serbs and Montenegrins.

In the 2011 census, Albanians are the majority in: Peja (91.21%), Klina (96.7%),and Istog (92.02%).

Ethnic groups in 2011 census:

Number %
TOTAL 174,235 100
Albanians 161,345 92.6
Bosniaks 4,948 2.8
Roma (Ashkali, Egyptian) 6,627 3.8
Serbs 624 0.35
Gorani 189 0.1
Others and no response 501 0.3

Postal Code[edit]

Postal Code of Kosovo – 30000 Peć
District Municipality Local Code
Pejë Pejë Pejë 30000
Pejë Pejë Pejë 1 30010
Pejë Pejë Pejë 3 30030
Pejë Pejë Pejë 4 30040
Pejë Pejë Pejë 5 30050
Pejë Pejë Pejë 8 30080
Pejë Pejë Vitomerica 30090
Pejë Istog Istog 31000
Pejë Istog Banja e Pejës 31010
Pejë Istog Gjurakovc 31020
Pejë Pejë Goraždevac 31030
Pejë Klina Klina 32000
Pejë Klina Budisavci 32050
Source:The Post Code of Kosovo has been approved by the Univeresal Postal Union (UPU)
Ref: PTK

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