District of Prizren

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This article is about the district in Kosovo. For the district of the Serbian government, see Prizren District (Serbia).
Qarku i Prizrenit
Prizrenski okrug/region
District of Prizren
RR PZ.png
Prizren District within Kosovo
Capital Prizren
 – Total
 – % water

 – Total
 – Density

Area code +381 (0)29
Postal code 2xxxx
Time zone CET, summer CEST

42°13′00″N 20°44′00″E / 42.216667°N 20.733333°E / 42.216667; 20.733333

The Prizren District (Albanian: Qarku i Prizrenit; Serbian: Призренски округ, Prizrenski okrug/region) is one of the seven districts (the higher-level administrative divisions) of Kosovo, with seat in Prizren.


It include the municipalities of:


Next to standard provincial Albanian, Serbian and English, Turkish is official in this district as well.

Ethnic groups (2011 census)[edit]

The largest ethic groups are Albanians.Other important ethnic groups are Bosniaks,Turks,Gorani and Roma people.

Number %
TOTAL 331,670 100
Albanians 279,909 84.4
Bosniaks 21,027 6.3
Turks 14,425 4.3
Gorani 9,612 2.9
Roma(Ashkali and Egyptians) 5,048 1.5
Serbs 246 0.07
Others and no response 1,353 0.4

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