District of Ferizaj

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This article is about the district in Kosovo. For the former district of the Serbian government, see Kosovo District.
District of Ferizaj
Qarku i Ferizajit
Uroševački okrug/region
RR FE.png
District of Ferizaj within Kosovo
Capital Ferizaj
 – Total
 – % water

 – Total

Area code +381 (0)290
Postal code 70000
Time zone CET, summer CEST

The District of Ferizaj or District of Uroševac (Albanian: Qarku i Ferizajit; Serbian: Урошевачки округ, Uroševački okrug/region) is one of the seven districts (the higher-level administrative divisions) of Kosovo, with its seat in Ferizaj.


Ethnic groups[edit]

In 2011 census,the municipalities with Albanian majority were: Ferizaj (95.9%), Shtime (96.8%), Kaçanik (99.9%) and Hani i Elezit (99.5%). The municipality of Shterpca has a mixed population, Albanian and Serb. It has a Albanian majority (54.1%).

Ethic groups in the District:

Number %
TOTAL 185,605 100
Albanians 177,075 95.4
Serbs 3,230 1.7
Roma (Ashkali) 4,661 2.5
Others and no response 677 0.4

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