Administrative divisions of Kosovo

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Districts of Kosovo
Kosovo Statistical Regions.png
Category District
Location  Kosovo
Created by Constitution of Kosovo
Number 7
Populations 180,000–500,000
Areas 1,030–2,470 km²
Subdivisions Municipalities of Kosovo
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Kosovo is administratively subdivided into seven districts (Albanian: Rajone; Serbian: Окрузи, Okruzi).[1] They are further subdivided into 38 municipalities (Albanian: Komuna, Serbian: Oпштина or Opština).

Districts of Kosovo[edit]

Map District Capital Area
in km²
in 2011 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities Settlements
KS 05.png District of Ferizaj
(Uroševački okrug/Rajoni i Ferizajit)
Ferizaj 1,030 185,806 180 126[2]
KS 06.png District of Gjakova
(Đakovički okrug/Rajoni i Gjakovës)
Gjakova 1,129 194,672 170 170[3]
KS 07.png District of Gjilan
(Gnjilanski okrug/Rajoni i Gjilanit)
Gjilan 1,206 180,783 150 287[4]
KS 02.png District of Mitrovica
(Kosovskomitrovački okrug/Rajoni i Mitrovicës)
Mitrovica 2,077 272,247 110 267[5]
KS 03.png District of Peja/Peć
(Pećki okrug/Rajoni i Pejës)
Pejë/Peć 1,365 174,235 130 118[6]
KS 01.png District of Pristina
(Prištinski okrug/Rajoni i Prishtinës)
Pristina 2,470 477,312 223 298[7]
KS 04.png District of Prizren
(Prizrenski okrug/Rajoni i Prizrenit)
Prizren 1,397 331,670 240 195[8]

District changes in 2000[edit]

Districts and municipalities of Kosovo.

Under the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), established in 1999, new districts were formed in 2000.

Serbia protested about the new territorial division and does not see it as legitimate, but by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo administration implemented it regardless of Serbia's protests, because it has such authority[citation needed] established by virtue of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

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