Districts of Republican Subordination

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Coordinates: 39°0′N 70°0′E / 39.000°N 70.000°E / 39.000; 70.000

Districts of Republican Subordination (Ноҳияҳои тобеи ҷумҳурӣ
ناحیه های تابع جمهوری
Районы республиканского подчинения, Karotegin Province
Country Tajikistan
Capital Dushanbe
Area 28,600 km2 (11,043 sq mi)
Population 1,606,900 (2008)
Density 56.2 / km2 (146 / sq mi)
ISO 3166-2 TJ-RR[citation needed]

Districts of Republican Subordination (Tajik: Ноҳияҳои тобеи ҷумҳурӣ, Nohiyahoi tobei jumhurī; Persian: ناحیه های تابع جمهوری‎; Russian: Районы республиканского подчинения, Rayonî respublikanskogo podchineniya) is a region in Tajikistan, consisting of 13 districts which are directly under central rule.


The Districts of Republican Subordination cover much of the territory of the Gharm Oblast which was dissolved in 1955.

The district was formerly known as Karotegin Region.


The 13 districts are listed below roughly in their order of occurrence from west to east within the band forming the Region of Republican Subordination. The order of the districts and the district names are based on two consistent sources: an administrative map of Tajikistan[1] and a statistical yearbook showing the breakdown of RRP into districts.[2]

West Karotegin[edit]

Dushanbe City[edit]

East Karotegin[edit]


The plateau is traversed by the Vakhsh River, a right-hand tributary of the Amu Darya. On the northern border run the Gissar and Zeravshan mountains, and on the southern border the Darvaz range 7,600 metres (24,900 ft) . The area is 28,400 square kilometres (11,000 sq mi). The winter climate is extremely severe; snow begins to fall in October and it is May before it disappears. During the warmer months, however, the mountainsides are richly clothed with the foliage of maple, mountain ash, apple, pear and walnut trees; the orchards furnish, not only apples and pears, but peaches, cherries, mulberries and apricots. Both cattle and horses are of a small and hardy breed.[3]


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