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The provinces of Sierra Leone are divided into 14 districts. The Western Area is divided into two districts. Sierra Leone's capital Freetown is located in the Western Area of the country and its makes up the Western Area Urban District. One traditional leader from each district occupies a seat in Sierra Leone's parliament. Each one of Sierra Leone's fourteen administrative districts (with the exception of the Western Area Urban District) is governed by a directly elected district council headed by a council chairman. The national capital Freetown, which makes up the Western Area Urban District, is governed by a directly elected city council headed by a mayor.

The districts are further divided into a total of 149 chiefdoms, whose elected leaders provided most of local government from 1896 to 2004, when they were supplemented by elected local councils.

District Capital Area
(2004 census)
Kailahun Kailahun 3,859 358,190
Kenema Kenema 6,053 497,948
Kono Sefadu 5,641 335,401
Bombali Makeni 7,895 408,390
Kambia Kambia 3,108 270,462
Koinadugu Kabala 12,121 265,758
Port Loko Port Loko 5,719 453,746
Tonkolili Magburaka 7,003 347,197
Bo Bo 5,219 463,668
Bonthe Bonthe 3,468 139,687
Moyamba Moyamba 6,902 260,910
Pujehun Pujehun 4,105 228,392
Western Rural Waterloo 544 174,249
Western Urban Freetown 13 772,873

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