Dita Field Hockey

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Dita Field Hockey
Industry Sporting goods
Founded 1891-Present
Headquarters Colorado Springs
Key people
Allah Dita, founder
Products Shoes, Sports equipment
Website www.ditagenius.com, www.dita.nl (Dutch), www.fieldhockey.net (US), www.dita-hockey.com/en/index.html (UK), ditaturfshoes.com

Dita (pronounced DEE-tuh) is a sporting goods company which specializes in field hockey sticks and turf shoes. While Dita is sold worldwide, its main distributors are located in the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands.


In the United States, Dita is best known for its use at the college level with teams such as Wake Forest, Michigan State, UMass, Iowa, Ohio University, UVA, Duke,Indiana, Drexel, Delaware, and current NCAA D-I champions Maryland. Members of the USA Women's National Team, such as Michelle Kasold, Jesse Gey, Kat Sharkey, Torrie Albini, and former Olympian Kelly Doton, use Dita sticks especially the EXA 500, EXA 400, and EXA 300. Players on the Men's National Team also favor the EXA series, in particular the EXA 600 and EXA 200.

Every year Dita awards the DITA/NFHCA Coach of the Year awards in NCAA Division I, II, III, and High School.


Dita is an Urdu word, meaning 'heaven sent, or gift from God'. The company originated in what is now Pakistan through founder Allah Dita. It specialized in field hockey, cricket, and table tennis equipment, but has since dropped the last two to focus exclusively on field hockey. The brand name was bestowed by Allah Dita's son, Mr. K. M. Iqbal, in his honor.

Dita received one of its highest honors in recent history when Teun de Nooijer, two time FIH Player of the Year, chose to create his own signature stick to be fed into the Dita line. Named the Giga #14 after his jersey number, it helped to launch the company's modern branch of composite sticks: the Gigas, the Terras, and the Exas.

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