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Genre Electronic music, multidisciplinary arts and music, jazz, pop, Latin, rock, house, R&B and electronica
Location(s) Montreal
Years active 1993-present
Divers/Cité official site

Divers/Cité is an LGBT multidisciplinary arts and music festival taking place each year in the heart of Montreal, since 1993. An avant-garde event in the heart of downtown Montreal and in Montreal's Gay Village area held usually on the end of July and beginning of August every year and extending usually for a full week, it is open to all audiences, gay and heterosexual, including many events that are free.[1]

Programming is diverse as the title suggest, and includes during the festival contemporary dance, DJing, outdoor cinema, photo exhibitions, jazz, pop, Latin, rock, house, R&B and electronica concerts. Mostly outdoors and free, Divers/Cité's programming also features many indoor dance events including Lesbomonde, an important Canadian lesbian happening. Another is La Grande Danse, a big open-air house event for 11 hours with some of the biggest international DJs names appearing.


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