Divine Mercy College

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Divine Mercy College
yangebup, W.A
Australia  Australia
Type Private, co-educational, primary and secondary day school
Motto Jesus i Trust In You
Established 1996
Principal Adam Zydek
Staff 25
Enrolment Over 350[1] (2013)
Campus Suburban
Colour(s) Red, Black and White

Divine Mercy College, otherwise known as (DMC) is an independent co-educational school from primary to secondary school. It is located in the southern suburbs of Yangebup, Western Australia. It started in 1996 on the 31st of January on the feast of John the Baptist.

History of DMC[edit]

The school was established on the 31st of January 1996, starting with 36 students. It was founded by Adam Zydek, the current principal, Irene Zydek, wife of Adam Zydek, and a priest from Malta. It was originally in Rivervale, Western Australia for 8 years but was moved to Yangebup in 2004. The school only started with $2'000 and was forced to close the school but only for the primary and lower secondary school. A father from the school then began to look for a new location and the next few days found one in Yangebup, Western Australia.[1]


It was ranked the 25th best secondary school and the 128th best primary school in 2013.[2] It received a ICSEA score of 1012 (1000 being the average Australia wide).[3]


The school is divided into three parts: the top, the main, and the bottom.

The Top[edit]

The top is where the Computer Lab, Art Room and library is located. It also has three classrooms there and a toilet department.

The Middle[edit]

The middle is where the teacher lounge, science laboratory, chapel and music room is located. It also has nine classrooms and a toilet department.

The Bottom[edit]

The bottom is where the gym and the canteen is located. It also has five classrooms and a toilet department.

The school is also planning to build another chapel early 2014.

Mission of Divine Mercy College[edit]

To create and sustain an authentic Catholic environment, and foster genuine academic excellence. Academic excellence is of the highest priority, particularly in the areas of English, Mathematics, Social studies, Science and Religious Education.


Due to the opening of the new school, Hammond Park Catholic Primary School, and the increasing number of students in Mater Christi Primary School, the school decided to start 15 minutes earlier.

Daily Routine[edit]

Primary school goes to chapel at 8:30 am–8:45 am, then follows secondary school from 8:45 am–9:05 am. The school (these Chapel times will not stay the same as the new Chapel will be build, because the new Chapel will be designed to hold 370 student at one time) also goes to the local church from 12:00 pm–1:00 pm on Fridays.