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Divisaderos is both a municipality and its municipal seat in the east of the Mexican state of Sonora. It is located at 29°36′N 109°28′W / 29.600°N 109.467°W / 29.600; -109.467, about 20 mi/30 km SE of Moctezuma. Access is by unpaved road to Moctezuma and Sahuaripa. The area of the municipality is 617.69 km2. and the population was 681 inhabitants in 2005, a decrease from the 825 inhabitants counted in the 2000 census. Almost all the inhabitants live in the municipal seat, which lies at an elevation of 850 meters.

The economy is based on subsistence agriculture—corn and beans—and cattle raising, especially the exportation of calves to the United States of America.

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