Argentine División de Honor de Futsal

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Argentine División de Honor de Futsal
Country Argentina
Confederation CONMEBOL
Founded 1986
Number of teams 18
Levels on pyramid 1
International cup(s) Copa Libertadores de Futsal

División de Honor is the premier futsal league in Argentina. It was founded in 1986. Organized by AFA and is played under FIFA rules, currently consists of 18 teams.



Season Winner
1986 Rosario Central
1987 Newell's
1988 Deportivo Muñiz
1989 Atlanta
1990 Atlanta
1991 River Plate
1992 Boca Juniors
1993 Boca Juniors
1994 Newell's
1995 Deportivo Laferrere
1996 Atlanta
Season Winner
Apertura 1997 Atlético Lugano
Clausura 1997 Boca Juniors
Apertura 1998 Boca Juniors
Clausura 1998 Tigre
Apertura 1999 San Lorenzo
Clausura 1999 San Lorenzo
Apertura 2000 Argentinos Juniors
Clausura 2000 San Lorenzo
Apertura 2001 Franja de Oro
Clausura 2001 San Lorenzo
Apertura 2002 Villa Modelo
Clausura 2002 River Plate
Apertura 2003 River Plate
Clausura 2003 Boca Junior
Season Winner
Apertura 2004 Argentinos Juniors
Clausura 2004 San Lorenzo
Apertura 2005 Club Pinocho
Clausura 2005 Club Pinocho
Apertura 2006 Club Pinocho
Clausura 2006 San Lorenzo
Apertura 2007 Club Pinocho
Clausura 2007 Club Pinocho
Apertura 2008 Club Pinocho
Clausura 2008 Club Pinocho
Apertura 2009 Club Pinocho
Clausura 2009 Club Pinocho
Apertura 2010 Club Pinocho