Diyaluma Falls

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Diyaluma Falls
Diyaluma Falls (Koslanda, Sri Lanka).jpg
Diyaluma Falls
Location Sri Lanka Koslanda, Sri Lanka
Type Horsetail
Total height 220m
Number of drops 1
Watercourse Punagala Oya
World height ranking 361

Diyaluma water falls' is 220m high and the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka[1] and 361st highest waterfall in the world.[2] It is situated 6 km away from Koslanda in Badulla District on Colombo-Badulla highway. The Falls are formed by Punagala Oya, a tributary of Kuda Oya which in turn, is a tributary of Kirindi Oya.

Diyaluma in Sri Lankan Culture[edit]

In Sinhalese, Diyaluma or Diya Haluma means "rapid flow of water". According to Dr.R.L. Brohier, the famous historian, Diyaluma is the setting of the folklore about a tragedy involving a young King and a young woman of a low-caste.

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Coordinates: 6°43′59″N 81°01′59″E / 6.733°N 81.033°E / 6.733; 81.033