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Dizu Plaatjies is a musician and the founder and former leader of the South African group, Amampondo.[1] He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town School of Music and now lectures in their Department of Ethnomusicology in African Music.[2] Since leaving Amampondo he has started a new ensemble called Ibuyambo.[3] Dizu and the new group have presented numerous shows in a number of European countries, and perform regularly in South Africa.

Plaatjies is the son of an African traditional healer and late lady teacher Ntombiza, has himself been initiated in the Xhosa/Pondo tribal tradition. His interest in African percussion music has taken him to numerous countries on the continent with the result that he now owns a substantial collection of handmade musical instruments from sub-Saharan Africa. His latest recordings made for the label Mountain Records, entitled, Ibuyambo (2005) and African Kings (2008), illustrate this knowledge and interest.

He was married to his partner Vuyo Mbewu on 27/9/08. The couple have two children Ukwanda and Azile. Plaatjies has 4 children.


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