Django 2

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Django 2 dvd.jpg
Directed by Nello Rossati
Starring Franco Nero
Donald Pleasence
Music by Gianfranco Plenizio
Cinematography Sandro Mancori
Language Italian

Django 2: il grande ritorno (internationally released as Django Strikes Again and Django Rides Again) is a 1987 Italian spaghetti western film directed by Nello Rossati. It is the only official sequel of Django.[1]


The project was born in parallel with Duccio Tessari's Tex e il signore degli abissi, in view of a commercial revival of the Italo-western cinema. After the commercial failure of Tex, Sergio Corbucci, who had initially accepted the direction of the sequel and had just written the story of the film, eventually refused to shoot it.[1]

It was filmed in Colombia.[1] It represents the last appearance of Christopher Connelly, who died of cancer the following year.[1]



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