Djurs Sommerland

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Djurs Sommerland
Location Nimtofte[1], Denmark
Coordinates 56°25′33.36″N 10°33′2.03″E / 56.4259333°N 10.5505639°E / 56.4259333; 10.5505639Coordinates: 56°25′33.36″N 10°33′2.03″E / 56.4259333°N 10.5505639°E / 56.4259333; 10.5505639
Opened 1981
Operating season Summer
Total "More than 60"[2]
Roller coasters 5
Water rides 3
Colorado River ride in Djurs Sommerland
Piraten in Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland (English: Djur's Summer Land) is an amusement park, situated 3 kilometers north of Nimtofte on Djursland, 23 kilometers west of Grenaa, and 36 km east of Randers, Denmark.

The park was opened in 1981, and it has been expanded every year since then. The park is, like the name suggests, only open in the summer. It opens around May 10 and the season lasts until mid-September. Djurs Sommerland has about 600,000 visitors each season, which makes it the seventh largest tourist attraction in Denmark.[3]


This park was established by the hotelier Børge Godsk Jensen and music agent Ole B. Nielsen. They chose the popular vacation of Jylland for the park (some of Denmark´s best beaches are located nearby). The park has grown in popularity over the years and has added many rides since opening. The park is now operated by Ole´s son Henrik.

A new attraction "The Pirate" was opened in 2008. It is the fastest and highest roller coaster in Denmark. Top speed is 90 km/h and maximum height above ground is 32 meters. It was chosen as the fifth best roller coaster in the world.[4]

CEO of the park is Henrik B. Nielsen.

The Park[edit]

The park is divided into: Pirateland, Sommerland, Mexicoland, Cowboy and Indian Land, Lilliputland, Africaland and the waterpark Vandland that is included in the admission price.

  • Sommerland is the park´s original area that opened in 1981; over the years many of its rides have been removed while others have been added. The main attractions are: Ørnen and Colorado River.
  • Lilliputland as the name suggest is all about entertaining the youngest kids with a number of kiddie rides on offer, including the children´s coaster Karlos Taxi.
  • Africaland was opened in 1993. Here, the intrepid traveller can venture on an adventurous journey on a river surrounded by a jungle that is meant to resemble Africa. In Tarzanland the kids can play and swing like Tarzan himself.
  • Cowboy and Indian Land has a replica of an old Texas Wild West town where cowboys roam the streets, there is also a play area where kids can play Indians. The main attraction in this land is the Rio Grande Rafting.
  • Mexicoland has a miniature golf course. Old Mexico has beautiful scenery and a bit of the Mexican spirit as well. The main attraction is the water ride Speedy Gonzales.
  • Pirateland opened in 2008. Of course this area has a pirate theme, but it also has three of the park´s most exciting rides: Piraten, Skattøen and The Piranha.
  • Vandland is a water park that was opened in 1985 and was the first of its kind it Denmark at the time.

Roller Coasters[edit]

Ride Name Type Opened in Manufacturer Themed land Additional Informations
Karlos Taxi steel sit down 2000 SBF Visa Lilliputland A MX48 Wacky Worm coaster for the kids to enjoy.
Piraten steel sit down 2008 Intamin Pirateland Reaches a speed of 56 mph (90 km) on a 2477 ft long track (755m) and a height of 100 ft (32m); height limit 1,4m. Mega-lite model, train 2x8.
Skattøen water coaster 2011 Mack Rides Pirateland A pirate-themed water coaster that travels a 455 m long course at 70 km and ends in a 28 meter high fall into a pool of water; height limit 1,1m.
Thor´s Hammer steel sit down 2002 Gerstlauer Vikingeland Reaches a speed of 36 mph (60 km) on a 1575 ft long track (480m) and a height of 53 ft (16m); height limit 1m / 1,3m alone. Bobsled model 480/4, car 2+2.
Juvelen steel sit down 2013 Intamin Mexico Family launch coaster which reaches a top speed of 52.8 miles per hour (85.0 km/h) along a 3,280.8-foot-long (1,000.0 m) track.

Water Rides[edit]

  • Colorado River - a log flume ride that opened in 1991, located in Sommerland. A themed river adventure on a 370 meter long course that has 3 drops the highest of which is 11 meters tall. Interlink.
  • The Piranha - a log flume ride that opened in 2009, located in Pirateland. A kiddie-style ride that is 150 meters long and ends in a 5 meter tall drop. ABC Rides.
  • Rio Grande Rafting - river rapids ride that opened in 1998, located in Cowboy and Indian Land. A 6-passenger raft that travels a 500 m long course with a tunnel, water effects and an Indian village on the way. Interlink.

Other Rides[edit]

  • Buffalo Bumper Cars - bumper cars that opened in 2012 in Cowboy and Indian land. Bertazzon.
  • Canoes - canoes on the lake in Sommerland. Has to be 1,2m tall to sail alone.
  • Det Skøre Kompas - rocking tug Kontiki in Pirateland. Zierer
  • Djurs Expressen - railroad journey in Sommerland.
  • Family Bikes - bicycling course in Sommerland.
  • The Eagle (Ørnen) - topple tower that opened in 2006 in Sommerland. Huss.
  • Hottentot Carousel - himalaya ride that is located in Africaland. Mack Rides.
  • Jungle Safari - scenic boat ride through Africaland. Mack Rides.
  • Kannibal - spinning cups in Africaland. Mack Rides.
  • Mexicana Golf - mini golf in Mexico.
  • Pedaloes - pedal boats on a lake in Sommerland.
  • Solguden (The Sun God) - flying fish ride with an Aztec theme that opened in 2012 in Mexico. Zierer
  • Speedy Gonzales - water dinghy ride in Mexico. Metallbau Emmeln.
  • Wild West Carousel - wave swinger that opened in 2005 in Cowboy and Indian land. Zierer.

Kiddie Rides[edit]

  • Boats - kiddie boats in Lilliputland.
  • Bouncing Cushions - bouncing castles in Sommerland.
  • Gold Digger - pan for gold in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Indian Land - play area with an Indian theme in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Karolines Helikopter - helicopters for kids in Lilliputland. Zamperla.
  • Karlos Balloons - balloon ride in Lilliputland. Zamperla.
  • Karlos Flyskole - airplanes in Lilliputland. Technical Park.
  • Karlos Køreskole - driving school for the kids in Lilliputland; height limit 1,4m max.
  • Mini Buffalo Bumper Cars - kiddie bumpers cars that opened in 2012 in Cowboy and Indian land. Bertazzon.
  • Moon Cars - hand-operated cars in Sommerland.
  • Pony Expressen - ride a mechanic horse on a track in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Sablen - a 11m tall tilt tower that opened in 2010 in Pirateland. ABC Rides.
  • Shooting Range - test your skills at shooting in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Slaraffenland - removed in 2013.
  • Soap Bubbles - make your own soap bubbles in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Swing Boat - chair swinger in Lilliputland.
  • Tarzanland - obstacle course for kids in Africaland.
  • Texas Town - playground for kids in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • Trampolines - trampolines in Sommerland.
  • Troll Train - scenic train ride for kids in Lilliputland.
  • Tunnel Slide - slides for the youngest kids in Sommerland.

Water Park[edit]

The water park Vandland opened in 1985 and is included in the admission price.

  • Black Hole - enclosed tube ride; height limit 1,2m.
  • Children´s Waterland - play area for kids.
  • Hawaii - interactive play area for kids.
  • Honolulu Bay - wave pool.
  • Wakiki Surf School - 6 side by side slides.
  • Water Slides - water slides; height limit 90 cm.
  • The Wave - 2 person tube halfpipe; height limit 1,4m.
  • Wild River - raging river tube ride; height limit none / 1,4m alone.


  • Bianco The Clown - daily show at Open-Air Stage in Cowboy and Indian land.
  • International Diving Show - diving show.


  • Magical Halloween in October.

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