Dmitry Ivanovich (grandson of Ivan III)

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Dmitry Ivanovich (1483–1509) was Grand Prince of Moscow between 1498 and 1502.

Dmitry's parents were Ivan the Young, crown heir of Moscow, and Elena, daughter of Stephen III of Moldavia. After his father's death in 1490 he became heir presumptive of Muscovy. His grandfather Ivan III of Russia officially proclaimed Dmitry the only heir on February 15, 1491 when he was crowned Grand Prince of Vladimir.

Even after receiving the title and official position Dmitry Ivanovich did not play any role in Grand Duchy's political life. On the other side his uncle Vasili received from Ivan III of Russia control of Novgorod and Pskov in 1499.

During the next 3 years Moscowy court became a place of conspiracy between supporters of Dmitry represented by his mother Elena and supporters of Ivan's second born son Vasili supported by his mother and Ivan III's second wife Sophia Paleologue.

In April 1502 Ivan III proclaimed Vasili III of Russia his heir and sent Dmitry to prison, where he died in 1509.


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