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Category Oxide mineral
(repeating unit)
Strunz classification 4.BC.10
Crystal symmetry Monoclinic 2/m prismatic
Unit cell a = 7.95 Å, b = 8.62 Å, c = 10.25 Å; β = 93.1°
Color Colorless
Crystal habit Phase in CAI of 470 (NWA470) CH3 chondrite as subhedral grains
Crystal system Monoclinic
References [1][2]

Dmitryivanovite is a natural mineral composed of calcium, aluminium and oxygen, with the molecular formula CaAl2O4. It was reported in 2009[3] in a calcium-aluminium-rich inclusion in the carbonaceous chondrite meteorite 470 (NWA470) CH3, which landed in North Africa. The mineral name was chosen to [4] honor Dmitriy A. Ivanov (1962–1986), a geologist, mineralogist, and petrologist who died on a field expedition.[3][5][6]

It is the high-pressure CaAl2O4 dimorph of krotite.

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