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dnash (born October 4, 1972) is an American composer, vocalist, instrumentalist and a fang artist.


dnash, taken in 1999

dnash was born on October 4, 1972 in Paris, France and grew up constantly moving, spending most of his childhood in Europe and Indonesia. While the last few years have found him perpetually on tour, he considers home to be Shelton, Connecticut and Grindavík, Iceland.


dnash began his music career at the age of two as a drummer, and by the age of 15 had become an accomplished vocalist, pianist, and midi programmer. In the past decade he has grown beyond performing and composing, both as a solo artist and in bands to producing and recording other artists, including Oleg Ginsburg and Brian Kelly[disambiguation needed]. As a songwriter, dnash has always focused heavily on singles rather than full length albums, as the diversity of his compositions tended to distract the ear when compiled together. Like the artists that have most heavily influenced him (Queen and Peter Gabriel), dnash's music covers a broad spectrum from classical composition to hard rock, rap to country, and everything in between. 2007 marks the debut of his first full length album release entitled "The Age of Nefarious", a twelve song dark commentary on the state of global politics. The first single "You Can't Be" is featured on the soundtrack of the 2007 movie release, "Fingerprints".

dnash was recently cited as a producer on The Screw-Ups self-titled EP, released April 19, 2013.[1] The production and music received positive reviews from blogs such as Louder Than War. [2]

Custom Fangs[edit]

In 1994 he began to experiment in fang making as a side interest, shortly after the movie Interview with the Vampire came out. A year later he established Teeth By Dnash, a name that has become renowned throughout the vampire community and beyond, with a national as well as international following.


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