Dnevne Novine

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Dnevne Novine
Type Daily newspaper
Format Berliner
Owner(s) Boris Darmanović
Editor Boris Darmanović
Language Montenegrin

Kralja Nikole bb,
Business Centre Nikić, 7th floor,

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Dnevne Novine (English translation: Daily Newspaper) is a Montenegrin daily newspaper.

Its first editor and owner is Boris Darmanović, owner of Media Nea, a Montenegrin media agency.[1]


The paper was started on October 10, 2011, as the fourth Montenegrin daily newspaper (besides Pobjeda, Vijesti and Dan).[2] It was advertised as an "anti-fascist and anti-nationalistic" newspaper, as a newspaper which promotes "social justice, tolerance and diversity and fights against corruption".[3]

On May 7, 2012, Dnevne Novine became the first and, as of October 2012, only free newspaper in Montenegro.[4] Željko Ivanović and Mladen Milutinović, owners of Vijesti and Dan, tried to sabotage the move by threatening to withdraw their papers from the main media distributors in the country (Tabacco, S Media and Štampa).[5] Ivanović's and Milutinović's move was widely criticized, both by other Montenegrin media and the general Montenegrin public.

Since June 2012, the paper is available online at dnevne.me.[6]