Do Re Mi (Jahn Teigen song)

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Norway "Do Re Mi"
Eurovision Song Contest 1983 entry
Jahn Teigen, Herodes Falsk
Sigurd Jansen
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Adieu" (1982)   
"Lenge leve livet" (1984) ►

"Do Re Mi" was the Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, performed in Norwegian by Jahn Teigen.

The song is based around the simple joy of making music, with Teigen singing about the sound of the scale itself. He urges his listeners to combine their voices as one and sing the familiar octave together. One of the chorus girls supposed to be Wencke Myhre, who resigned in order to participate in the German preselection of 1983 instead. She was replaced by Anita Skorgan.

The song was performed second on the night, following France's Guy Bonnet with "Vivre" and preceding the United Kingdom's Sweet Dreams with "I'm Never Giving Up". At the close of voting, it had received 53 points, placing 9th in a field of 20.

It was succeeded as Norwegian representative at the 1984 contest by Dollie de Luxe with "Lenge leve livet".