Do You Like My Tight Sweater?

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Do You Like My Tight Sweater?
Studio album by Moloko
Released 1995
Recorded 1995
Length 66:32
Label Echo, Warner Bros.
Producer Moloko
Moloko chronology
Do You Like My Tight Sweater?
I Am Not a Doctor
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]

Do You Like My Tight Sweater? is the debut album of the electronic/dance duo Moloko, released in November 1995. The title of the album derives from singer Róisín Murphy's pick-up line to Mark Brydon at a party in 1995: "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body!" A romantic and professional relationship between the two continued for several years after. Do You Like My Tight Sweater? combined three tracks from a 1995 independently released EP Where is the What if the What is in Why? with fourteen new recordings.

This is the only Moloko album to receive a release in the United States (via Warner Bros. Records) as part of the electronica hype of the late 1990s. The album's first single, "Fun for Me", was also featured on the soundtrack of the film Batman and Robin, as well as used as the theme for a Lucky Strike ad.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and produced by Brydon and Murphy.

  1. "Fun for Me" – 5:08
  2. "Tight Sweater" – 0:15
  3. "Day for Night" – 5:23
  4. "I Can't Help Myself" – 5:44
  5. "Circus" – 0:19
  6. "Lotus Eaters" – 7:32
  7. "On My Horsey" – 0:34
  8. "Dominoid" – 4:11
  9. "Party Weirdo" – 7:01
  10. "Tubeliar" – 0:25
  11. "Ho Humm" – 5:38
  12. "Butterfly 747" – 4:30
  13. "Dirty Monkey" – 0:23
  14. "Killa Bunnies" – 2:19
  15. "Boo" – 5:47
  16. "Where is the What if the What is in Why?" – 4:16
  17. "Who Shot the Go-Go Dancer?" – 6:58


  • "Where is the What if the What is in Why?"
  • "Fun for Me" (#4 U.S. Hot Dance Club Play, #36 UK)
  • "Dominoid"
  • "Day for Night" (#37 U.S. Hot Dance Club Play)


  • Róisín Murphy – vocals
  • Mark Brydon – bass, keyboards, guitars, programming, production