Dobra Voda (peak)

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For other uses, see Dobrá Voda.
Dobra Voda
Dobra Voda.jpg
Dobra Voda viewed from the nearby village of Popojan
Elevation 2,062 m (6,765 ft)
Location Macedonia
Range Celoica

Dobra Voda (Cyrillic: Добра Вода, English: Good Water) is a mountain peak near the city of Kičevo in Macedonia. It is the highest peak of the Celoica mountain range, at 2062 meters above the sea level. Due to tectonic movements, the height of this peak and surrounding mountains continues to rise. This is actually why Macedonia experiences moderate earthquakes around this region.

From the top of this peak it is possible to view many surrounding cities: Gostivar, Kičevo, Tetovo, and nearby villages. The main springs of the Treska river are placed within the Celoica mountain range.


Coordinates: 40°54′56″N 21°09′58″E / 40.91556°N 21.16611°E / 40.91556; 21.16611