Dobroslav II

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Dobroslav II Vojislavljević
Dobroslav II.jpg
Dobroslav II
Born Dobroslav
Died ca. 1134
Cause of death
natural causes
Resting place
Monastery of Saints Sergius and Bacchus
Title King
Predecessor Constantine Bodin
Successor Kočopar
Religion Christian
Parents Mihailo I

Dobroslav II (died ca. 1134) was King of Duklja 1101–1102. Dobroslav was the son of King Mihailo I of Duklja and his second wife. According to the Chronicle of the Priest of Duklja, Dobroslav II was selected by the people to become king. However, his reign was short as the Grand Prince of Rascia, Vukan, along with the pretender to the Dukljan throne, Kočopar, attacked Duklja, defeating Dobroslav at the Battle of Morača. Dobroslav was overthrown and was banished to Rascia. In the meantime, the Rascian army, along with Kočopar and Vukan, took over Duklja. Kočopar wasn't able to hold his position in Duklja, and thus escaped to Zachumlia, where he died. Vladimir, Dobroslav's nephew, assumed the throne of Duklja after Kočopar's death. Dobroslav was later released from prison in Rascia and returned to Duklja. However, upon arrivial, King Vladimir imprisoned Dobroslav in Scutari. Dobroslav, a victim of dynastic conflicts, was blinded. He died in the Monastery of Saint Sergius and Bacchus on the Bojana without issue.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Constantine Bodin
King of Duklja
Succeeded by

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