Doctor Dolittle's Circus

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Doctor Dolittle's Circus
First edition
Author Hugh Lofting
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Doctor Dolittle
Genre Children's novel
Publisher Frederick A. Stokes
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded by Doctor Dolittle's Post Office
Followed by Doctor Dolittle's Zoo

Doctor Dolittle's Circus, written by Hugh Lofting and published in 1924 by Frederick A. Stokes, is set in England sometime between the original story and the later voyages narrated by Stubbins.

Plot summary[edit]

The doctor needs money to pay off a voyage to Africa, so he joins the circus with the pushmi-pullyu as his attraction. He enlightens a circus owner who cares little for animals, fights against the practice of fox hunting and helps other creatures such as a circus seal and cart horses too old to work.


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