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The degree of Doctor of Humane Letters (Latin: Litterarum humanarum doctor; D.H.L.; or L.H.D.) is almost always conferred as an honorary degree, usually to those who have distinguished themselves in areas other than science, government, literature or religion, which are awarded degrees of Doctor of Science, Doctor of Laws, Doctor of Letters, or Doctor of Divinity, respectively. An exception is the D.H.L. degree program at some Jewish seminaries with requirements that go beyond the M.A. degree but less than for a Ph.D. degree.[1]

Doctor of Humane Letters degrees should not be confused with earned academic degrees awarded on the basis of research, such as Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Theology, nor earned professional doctorates such as Doctor of Medicine, D.O., Doctor of Dental Surgery, Juris Doctor, Doctor of Ministry, etc.



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