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Doctor of Management (D.M. or D.Mgt.) is a doctoral degree awarded on the basis of advanced study and research in management.[1] The D.M. was introduced at Case Western Reserve in 1995,[2] and several universities have since developed their own programs. The program is similar to a PhD in management, but additional to research, is "focused on developing the talents, skills and abilities of management-level staff";[2] compare Doctor of Business Administration.

To be admitted as a doctoral student, one must hold a management-related Master's degree, have sufficient managerial experience, and pass a comprehensive entrance exam. The student must then complete necessary coursework (typically focused on leadership and strategy, and including training in research methodology), perform independent research under supervision of a qualified doctoral advisor and pass the thesis defense, and, in some cases, teach examinable courses. The D.M. usually take four years to complete on a part-time basis.

The degree is offered at the following universities:[1]

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