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The Doctor of Social Science degree is a higher qualification offered by select universities, which serves as a doctoral level qualification specifically relating to academic work in the field of social sciences.

Like a Ph.D., the DSocSci or DSSc is recognized[1] as a terminal research degree involving a substantial original thesis, so is of higher academic standing than the professional doctorates that do not require original research. Whilst it is a relatively new qualification, it is gaining in popularity and is offered by renowned universities in numerous countries.


Provided by the National University of Luján[2] [3]


Provided by the University of Queensland[4]


Provided by Royal Roads University[5]


Provided by the University of Tampere[6]


Provided by University College Cork[7]

United States[edit]

United Kingdom[edit]

The DSocSci is offered as a full time or part time qualification by: