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Doctors Worldwide (DWW) is a UK-based charity established in April 2000 to provide medical relief and aid to those who are in need without any access or means to basic medical care. DWW is a humanitarian non-governmental organization that provides medical relief to all those in need regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or nationality. In 2004 a Doctors Worldwide-Turkey branch was established in Istanbul. The UK branch places more emphasis on developmental contexts, whereas the Turkish branch concentrates more on emergency scenarios.

Doctors Worldwide utilises the Primary Health Care approach, working with local grassroots organizations in order to minimize costs and maximize the effectiveness of its operations. Community participation and sustainability are the foundation of all their projects.

In its short history, Doctors Worldwide has already provided medical care to tens of thousands of people in four continents, as well as facilitated the medical relief work of a number of other not-for-profit international relief organizations.

Doctors Worldwide works on these three platforms to provide medical aid:

Emergency Relief: DWW's emergency response team provides short-term urgent relief in the case of disasters, whether man-made or natural.

Extended Medical Relief: After addressing urgent health care issues, DWW focuses on the prevention of epidemics and outbreaks of infection due to poor hygiene and sub-optimal living conditions.

Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Medical Education: This program involves providing long-term medical relief in cooperation with local doctors. Major emphasis is placed on assistance with the rehabilitation of societies no longer at war in re-establishing health-care system. DWW is committed to providing medical education and training to local health care workers whenever possible.