Doctors and Nurses (TV series)

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Doctors and Nurses is a British television sitcom written by Nigel Smith and Dr. Phil Hammond, focusing on the fraught relationship between two orthopaedic surgeons, set in a hospital on the Isle of Wight.

It starred Adrian Edmondson, Mina Anwar and David Mitchell, and aired six episodes on BBC One in 2004. The series was neither a critical nor commercial success, and did not return for a second series. Edmondson did go on to play a similar doctor role in the non-comic hospital drama Holby City.

Phil Hammond appeared as a neurosurgeon in episode three.


Roy Glover - Adrian Edmondson

George Banatwala - Madhav Sharma

Toby Stephens - David Mitchell

Lucy Potter - Abigail Cruttenden

Zita Khan - Mina Anwar

Walt - Geoffrey McGivern

Tara Cummings - Susan Earl

Flapper - Steven Alvey

Stumpy Yates - Joanna Scanlan

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