Doctors of the Dark Side

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Doctors of the Dark Side
Doctors of the Dark Side Logo.png
Directed by Martha Davis
Produced by Martha Davis
Written by Mark Jonathan Harris
Starring Diane Davis, Gian-Murray Gianino, Lee Aaron Rosen, Joe Tippett, Rafael Wurzel
Narrated by Mercedes Ruehl
Music by Maxim Moston
Cinematography Lisa Rinzler
Edited by M. Trevino
Distributed by Shelter Island
Release dates
Running time
73 minutes
Country US
Language English

Doctors of the Dark Side is a documentary about the role of physicians and psychologists in the torture of prisoners. The movie tells the story of four detainees, and how healthcare professionals working for the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency implemented enhanced interrogation techniques, and covered up signs of torture at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp and Abu Ghraib Prison.[1][2] Interviews with medical, legal and intelligence experts and evidence from declassified government memos document how the torture of detainees could not continue without the assistance of doctors.


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