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DocuLex is a company that creates browser-based document and content management software. Programs facilitate the information management of all document types collected by an organization, by managing access rights, a unified data structure and document life cycles. Search/retrieval, workflow, collaboration, and security are all managed [1] by the Archive Studio document management software. File management and storage is either local or by software as a service/cloud computing.[2]

Paper and electronic document capture is enabled.[3] Paper is scanned, with DocuLex Archive Studio image processing utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) to convert documents to full-text searchable PDF files and the use of barcodes for metadata collection. Electronic documents are either saved in their native format or converted to PDF.

Email is captured with body and attachment, then organized and archived into Archive Studio's WebSearch software. Content is monitored through automation, with key words and phrases determined to be unauthorized or inappropriate are isolated for review.[4]