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DIRA/L'Insoumise, Montreal's anarchist infoshop/bookstore, boulevard St Laurent, March 2007

Documentations, Informations, Références et Archives (Documents, Information, References and Archives), or DIRA, is an infoshop in downtown Montreal, Quebec. It serves as a free community lending library of books relevant to anarchism, and as a public archive of texts, flyers, videos, and other material produced by libertarian movements. It is a sister project of L'Insoumise (French for "the Insubordinate"), a bookstore located on the ground floor of the same building. Originally located on rue Ontario near Papineau, DIRA moved in 2005 to its current location at 2035 boulevard St-Laurent, near Sherbrooke.

The goals of the project, as described by a press release from the group:

Anarchism has been the target of many attacks and of misinformation for a long time. Misinformation is nothing new. Coming from the mass media who hammers down the discourse of the elites and the police forces who thus try to discredit and infantilize libertarian thought. That’s why we set up DIRA library, in order to create a space where libertarian ideas could be diffused widely and to be accessible for everyone. Also to provide a self-managed space where people can meet and discuss freely.[1]


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