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Dodge Cove Wharf

Dodge Cove is a small community of fewer than 100 people. Located on Digby Island, British Columbia, Canada across from the city of Prince Rupert. Dodge Cove was named in 1907 by the Canadian Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, after George Blanchard Dodge of the Dominion Land Survey, who had surveyed Prince Rupert Harbour in 1906 for the Canadian federal government.

Dodge cove

Life is simple there with no paved roads, no shopping centres, and no cars.

The town was built over a Tsimshian village named Kanagatsiyot, which occupied the location for thousands of years. According to the mythology of the Tsimshian, this village was the birthplace of Txamsem, the Tsimshian trickster. [1]


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Coordinates: 54°17′16″N 130°23′15″W / 54.28777°N 130.3875°W / 54.28777; -130.3875