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The Dodiya are a Rajput clan found in the state of Rajasthan Gujarat and Saurashtra in India


The Dodiya are Agnivanshi Rajput, one of the most celebrated Chauhan branches and according to their traditions, they were based in and around Multan in Punjab (now in Pakistan) during 12th and 13th centuries, when they built a fort near Multan by the name of Rohtashgarh. In the 14th century the Dodiya Rajputs migrated to Gujarat and established their kingdom around Girnar Junagadh. The first rajah of this state was Phul Singh Dodiya, followed by Rawat Soorsinghji, Rawat Chandrabhansinghji, Rawat Krishnaji, Rawat Chalotji and Rawat Arjundasji. A small number of the Dodiya migrated to Mewar accompanying the Rajmata of Mewar as an escort. The Dodiyas proved their valour in various battles in the service of Mewar, including the Battle of Haldighati, and were rewarded with the jagir of Lava (later called Sardargarh).

The Remainder of the Dodiya Remain in Gujarat.

The Dodiya in Saurashtra were originally a clan of Rajputs without any political power and it appears that the whole clan was Rajputs. Clans without a political head would obviously be predisposed to lose their land and its fragmentation with unproductive expenditure must have hastened the process of decline. [1]

Dodiya's of Mewar[edit]

Once, on a pilgrimage to Gujarat, the mother of Maharana LAKHA (1382-1421) of Mewar and her party were attacked by dacoits (bandits). Siha Dodiya came to the aid of the party. Unfortunately, Siha the Good Samaritan was killed in the skirmish, but two of his sons, Kalu[disambiguation needed] and Dhaval, took the royal travellers to safety in the Dodiya residence, then escorted them back to the Mewar border. Maharana Lakha later invited the two sons of Siha Dodiya to Mewar, and gave them the jagir of Lawa (later called Sardargarh), with the status of 1st Rank Umrao's (Nobles) of Mewar. They also had a house in Udaipur, the DODIYA-KI-HAVELI, where the family stayed whenever they were in the capital.[2] The descendants of Sardargarh are of Dhaval Dodiya.

Feud with Shaktawats in Mewar[edit]

Sangram Singh Shaktawat captured the Dodiya fort of Lawa (Sardargarh) in 1783 AD, it was later given back to Zorawarsingh Dodiya by Maharana.[3]


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