Dog Eat Dog (U.S. game show)

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Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog logo.jpg
Format Game show
Created by David Young
Presented by Brooke Burns
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Matt Kunitz
Stuart Krasnow
Sandra Soczka
Tracy Santomarco
Location(s) NBC Studios
Burbank, California
Running time 45–48 minutes
Original channel NBC
Original run June 17, 2002 (2002-06-17) – August 26, 2003 (2003-08-26)
Related shows Dog Eat Dog (UK version)

Dog Eat Dog is an American game show, which originally ran from June 17, 2002, to August 26, 2003. It is loosely based on the UK version of the show by the same name. It is hosted by Brooke Burns, and has contestants compete against each other in physical competitions, trivia, and other assorted games for a prize of $25,000.

Reruns of Dog Eat Dog currently air on the Game Show Network.

Main game[edit]

Six players spend a day together at a training camp before arriving at the studio for the show. A challenge is described, and the players each vote for the one they want to send into it. The player receiving the most votes takes the challenge. Failure to complete it sends the player to the "Dog Pound" and eliminates him/her from play, while completing it allows the player to send one of the people who voted for him/her to the "Dog Pound."

Four challenges are played in this manner. If a tie vote occurs on the first one, a player is chosen at random to break it; on all subsequent challenges, the last player eliminated acts as the tiebreaker. The last two players compete in a fifth, head-to-head challenge, such as Fish Throwing and Wall Climbing, with the winner being officially declared that night's "Top Dog" and the loser going to the "Dog Pound". The "Top Dog" then faces the other five players in a trivia challenge in which $25,000 is awarded to the winning side.


These are some of the reoccurring challenges that appeared on the show. (NOTE: Some of these challenges may appear only once in an episode.)

Aerial Bronco: The contestant must stay on a mechanical bucking bronco located high above the stage while answering 5 questions correctly before he/she falls off. Brooke will name U.S. states while the contestant must name the capital of the U.S. states in order to win. This challenge was only won once.

Aerial Obstacle Course: The contestant must climb a set of cargo nets while swinging across a set of metal rings in order to grab a flag before the nets/rings starts dropping off every 30 seconds as he/she goes or if the contestant falls off one of the nets or rings, then he/she lost the challenge, which happened once. This challenge was won twice.

Archery Challenge: Facing off against archery expert Claudia Guglielmo, (who uses a bow & arrow with her feet) in a best of five contest. Whoever hits the most targets wins the challenge. This challenge was only won once.

Beat The Shark: While facing billiards expert Dave Pearson in a game of pool, the contestant must sink four balls in less time than Dave, who has to clear two full tables in less than 30 seconds, in order to win the challenge.

Bottle Opening Challenge: While facing Ivan the human bottle opener, the contestant must open 30 bottles with a bottle opener before Ivan opens 60 bottles with his teeth in order to win the challenge. This challenge was won once.

Bungee Claw: The contestant would be hung from their ankles, and would be dived in the tank, and must grab four targets within three attempts to win. This challenge was won twice.

Bungee Foot Hang: The contestant must hang by his or her feet on a bungee and guess five out of ten morphed celebrity faces. In the head-to-head challenge, which didn't included guessing morphed faces, the final two contestants would hang above the tank. After one minute elapses, it would begin to rain. After two minutes elapse, the bungee would drop closer to the tank, although the contestants were not notified of this. Whoever holds on longer wins.

Bungee Ring Grab: Being placed on the platform that would lower into the tank, the contestant would pull off their rip cord after they were was completely underwater, and the platform had stopped. Once they do this, they would shoot up to a plethora of rings high above. The contestant is given three attempts to attain four rings.

Cargo Climb: The contestant must climb four across cargo nets hanging above the stage and pull all four flags in four minutes. Once the person pulls the flag, the net would swing to the next one, allowing access to climb the next one.

Celebrity High School Yearbook: The contestant has to guess five celebrities from a high school yearbook. No one was able to complete the challenge.

Celebrity Three-Way: Similar to the short-lived 2001 USA Network game show Smush and Wheel of Fortune's before and after category, the contestant must find one common name shared by two different celebrities (e.g., Matt "Damon" Wayans). If the contestant solves all 15 puzzles in two minutes then he/she wins. Also, the contestant is allowed to pass at any time if he/she gets stuck on a puzzle. This challenge was only won once.

Crate Drop: Four crates are located above the stage. The contestant had to climb each crate, swing to next, grab a flag, which would crash the crate they previously climbed, and continue along with all the others. No one was able to get pass the third crate. The contestant would have two-and-a-half minutes, later three minutes, to complete the challenge, although it never was won.

Downward Dog: This challenge involved one of the contestants competing against Dreamer, a black lab who happens to be the smartest dog in the world. Brooke would read a dog trivia question that had a true-or-false answer. When the signal is given, the contestant and Dreamer would dive underwater and retrieve an answer bone of what they think is the correct answer. Whoever came out of the water first and have the answer correct would get a point. The first to get three correct answers wins.

Drag Kings: In a lineup of seven people, one must pick out who they think is a real man. The other six people are biologically female. This challenge was shown and lost once.

Earthquake Island: The contestant must carry two flags to the top of a giant, metal structure that shakes the entire time within a matter of two minutes. No one completed the challenge.

Flush Out Crawl: Within three minutes, the contestant had to try to crawl through two tubes, grab one of three rings from each one, and send it underwater in each basket in order to succeed. In the head-to-head challenge, whoever gets two rings from their tube wins.

The Fuse: In two minutes, the contestant must climb a rope and grab a red flag in order to win the challenge before the fuse burns to the top and he/she falls into the tank. This challenge was never won.

Glacier Run: The contestant has three minutes to run across styrofoam glaciers in the water and have to grab eight flags before the timer runs out. Also, the glaciers tip easily. This challenge was only won once.

Glass Climbing Wall: The contestant must get a key and open the lock, then get to the other side of the wall and do the same thing. If the conestant fails, hundreds of gallons of water are dumped, making a big splash. In the head-to-head challenge, whoever gets to the top of the wall and opens the lock first gets the other contestant to dump gallons of water, making a big splash, too!

Hang In There: In this head-to-head challenge, the contestants would be lifted and holding from handle bars above the tank. They will both hold on as long as they can while it rains (shown in later episodes). The first person to drop loses and their opponent is Top Dog.

He or She: Out of six or seven people, the contestant must select the real woman from the drag queens. This challenge also had a variant where the contestant had to select the bearded woman. Due to the high difficulty of the challenge, it was only won once.

The Hurricane: The contestant must climb a palm tree and face the hurricane (rain storm) by grabbing three coconuts and putting them in a basket within three minutes. In the head-to-head challenge, which happened once, whoever gets three coconuts first wins.

Ice Breaker: The contestant has to break open three blocks of ice in order to reveal hidden boxes of various shapes, a square, a circle, and a triangle, then he/she must take the boxes underwater and insert them into the larger boxes in three minutes, later three-and-a-half minutes. This challenge was never won.

Jump and Grab: In this challenge, the contestant climbs up a ladder to a platform. Brooke would give them five trivia questions they had to try to answer. After every answer to the question, he/she must jump off from that platform and grab a ring within five attempts. If the contestant answers the question right, the ring would move a little closer to the contestant. If he/she answers it wrong, the ring stays where it is.

Ladder Wheel: In two minutes, the contestant must climb around a large, hanging wheel and retrieve the flag without falling off. This challenge was only won once.

Leak in the Tank: In this challenge, the tank is filled with bubbles and is wavy across the area. Under the water are four valves the contestant must turn off. To win, the contestant has to turn all four valves completely off within the allotted two minutes.

Leap of Faith: The contestant would take a high jump from a platform from the top on land on a square target base. There were circular spots locating 10 (in the middle), 20 (down), or 30 (up) points. He/she is given only three tries to accumulate 50 points. If they land on two targets, the person would get points for the higher value base they stepped on. This challenge was only won twice.

Lift Off: Within two-and-a-half minutes, the contestant must hold on to a rope, which would lift them up to a flag high above the tank. While it would rain, the contestant had to grab five flags in order to win. If they fall off while trying to grab it, the contestant may try again. Although, if he/she misses the same flag again, they would lose the challenge.

Little Genius: The contestant plays a trivia game against a child prodigy. First one to get five trivia answers correct would win. No one completed the challenge.

Model Match-Up: Only appearing once, the contestant had to match five former models with their photographs. If they fail the first time, another attempt is given to contestant. If they fail again, the contestant would lose.

Mutant Celebrity: A scrambled face of a celebrity is shown, and the contestant has to guess all five celebrities to win the challenge, which was won once.

Not So Fast, My Friend: Contestants had to guess which college football teams Lee Corso picked to win in 5 random previous predictions he made. If the contestant got 3 out of 5 correct, they would win. This challenge wasn't won.

Out on a Limb: The contestant had to run through a spinning x-shaped contraption within one and a half minutes or two minutes, collecting eight flags, and make it back to the middle before time ran out. The blue flags had to be collected before the red flags. This challenge was won once.

Over and Under: The contestant had two minutes to go under a roped water wheel (over in their first try) and over it and jump from the top and get five flags. The challenge was very difficult and wasn't won at all.

Paddle Wheel: In this head-to-head challenge, the contestants run on a paddle wheel until one contestant falls into the tank and loses the game.

Paddle Wheel Trivia: While walking on the paddle wheel, the contestant has to answer ten questions correctly before falling into the tank. No one completed the challenge.

Pandora's Box: The contestant gets five (three originally) tennis balls from the top of the tank and puts them in a box within two minutes. If the contestant puts the balls in the box within the two-minute period then he/she wins. This challenge was only won once.

The Perfect Storm: In this challenge, the contestant must climb on a cargo net and grabs all seven flags within two and a half minutes to win. This challenge was won twice and lost once.

Pendulum Swing: Hooked up to a large pendulum-like device, the contestant must swing at a full 360 degrees in either direction within two minutes using only their own strength and momentum to move the pendulum within a two minute period. This challenge was rarely won.

Plexiglass Hang: In this head-to-head challenge, each contestant would hang on to piece of plexiglass that would rise them above the tank and turn it to a vertical position. They would also be hanging in cold rain during that time. Whoever drops into the water first loses.

Plug The Pipes: In this challenge, the contestants must plug all four pipes that spew out water from a machine to win. No one completed the challenge.

Pole Sway: The contestant must climb atop of a tower and swing it around to grab four out of seven flags in two minutes in order to win. Due to its difficulty, no one completed the challenge.

Pool Poles: This head-to-head challenge had the final two contestants to balance on two pole pedestals protruding the tank. After five minutes elapse, (reduced to two minutes in the next season), it would begin to rain. The contestant who falls off first ends up in the Dog Pound, and the other contestant is Top Dog.

Rain, Rain Go Away: While in the rain, the contestant must walk across a balance beam in order to retrieve two red flags at the end of the beam, then they must walk back with the flags in one minute without falling off the beam or failing to make it in time.

Raise The Buoy: The contestant must unlocks two buoys using two color-coded keys within three minutes to win. In the head-to-head challenge, whoever unlocks the buoy first wins.

Ratchet Roulette: In a challenge similar to the electronic game "Simon," the contestant is shown a board with a series of lights, which flash in a certain sequence. The contestant must use a series of buttons to make the correct light pattern. The player is given five attempts to do it. Each unsuccessful attempt causes the player, who is attached to a bungee cord, to fall into the tank. This challenge was won twice.

Rope Bridge: The contestant must attach one flag from a cylinder, clip to side of the capsule, four times before the contestant falls off the bridge. This challenge was won twice.

Rope Ladder: Two rope ladders are hanging in the tank in this head-to-head challenge. Each contestant will climb to the top of the ladder to retrieve a flag. First contestant that does grab the flag wins and is Top Dog. Also, once the person grabs the flag, their opponent's ladder will drop down into the tank.

Sexy Catwalk/Runway: While in high heels, the contestant must walk across a balance beam in order to retrieve a purse at the end of the beam, then walk back to the starting point with their purse without falling into the tank. The contestant had one attempt at the challenge, although in the next season, the contestant was allowed a second attempt. No one completed the challenge.

Sliding-Floor Trivia: The contestant answers trivia questions while standing on two Plexiglas panels situated above the tank. Each incorrect answer causes the panel to slide apart. The stunt ends when either ten correct answers have been given, which was won once, or the contestant falls into the tank, which happened twice.

Story Teller: Only appeared in the Playboy special. The contestant must listen to a fast talking woman read a story about the history of Playboy Magazine, then Brooke asks ten questions about it. Five points were required to win the challenge, which was won.

Strip Darts/Golf/Hangman/Quarterback: The contestant attempts to complete a given objective (such as throwing a football through a target) while being required to remove one article of clothing for each football. The game ends when the contestant either completes the task, elects to quit, or fails the challenge completely naked. While naked, contestants are not allowed to cover their private areas; although their private parts are censored on TV, they are on display for the live studio audience and other contestants. All strip games were discontinued in the second season.

In Strip Darts: The contestant attempts to score 30 points on a modified dartboard. Different sections earns 0-10 points, and the bull's-eye scores 20 points. Each dart costs the contestant one article of clothing.

In Strip Golf: The contestant attempts to putt a golf ball into a hole on a putting green. Each shot costs the contestant one article of clothing and allows the player to move a little closer. If the contestant is completely naked, he/she gets to advance to the "naked line," just feet from the hole.

In Strip Hangman: contestants play the classic game of hangman. Every time they guess a wrong letter or repeat an earlier chosen letter, they must remove an article of clothing.

In Strip Quarterback: The contestant attempts to throw two footballs through a hole in a tower. Each football costs the contestant one article of clothing.

When a contestant has one article of clothing remaining, Brooke sometimes offers two last-shot attempts (e.g., two darts) in exchange for the last piece of clothing (only in Darts and Quarterback). In Strip Golf, the player moves up to the Naked Line at the end. Of the seven contestants who played strip games, two ended up completely naked (both lost), one woman ended up topless (and won), and the others quit before they were completely naked.

Swing Rings: The contestant has to cross a monkey bar like course and grab the flag at the end. This challenge was only won once.

Tear Factor: The contestant must shed a tear in 90 seconds without using their hands. No one completed the challenge.

Thrown For A Loop: In this head-to-head challenge seen only once, the final two contestants would hang on a limb on a machine that would spin around numerously. It would spin faster the longer they would hold on. The contestant who lets go first would lose, and their opponent wins.

Treadmill Trivia: The contestant runs on a treadmill suspended high above the tank. The treadmill starts at speed level one while Brooke asks a series of general-knowledge questions. Each incorrect answer increases the treadmill speed by one level (to a maximum of ten). (One contestant managed to run on the treadmill at the maximum speed and fell off while getting only 5 of the required answers.) Ten correct answers wins the challenge, which was done twice. One contestant fell off the treadmill.

Trivia In The Tank: In the head-to-head challenge, Brooke asks a question, and the contestants swim to get the answer right. The first one to get the answer gets a point. The first to get three points is the winner.

Underwater Weight Walk: In two minutes, the contestant must carry 80 pounds of weight across a steel beam and cross the red line to win. The contestant was allowed to come up for air whenever necessary. This challenge was rarely won.

Vomit Comet: While being strapped to a spinning metal contraption, the contestant must try to answer how many vowels are in each word or names. If the contestant can get eight words correct in 90 seconds he/she wins the challenge, which was won once.

Water Beam: There were several variants of this challenge, but the common goal was to travel from one end of a beam suspended over water to the other, collect an item, then return to the starting line. If the person fell off, he or she would get another chance, but if they fall again, that person loses the challenge. This was won at least once.

Water Tubes: In this challenge, the contestant has to get all four rings from four tubes in three minutes. In the head-to-head challenge, whoever gets three rings from their three tubes first wins.

Wedge and Tilt: Brooke would ask trivia questions while the contestant was in a hexagon shaped box. The contestant had to get 10 right to win. Every time they got one wrong, the box would lean forward toward the tank. If they fall in, the contestant would lose.

Final Challenge[edit]

The previously determined "Top Dog" faces the five members of the "Dog Pound." A category is shown, like Music, Food and Drink, Movies, Business, Sports, Famous People, Politics, History, Animals, Fashion, Television, Celebrities, Education, Medicine, Video Games/Games, Geography, Transportation, Theater, and more, and the Top Dog chooses a member of the Dog Pound who they think cannot answer a question in that category. Each contestant can be chosen only once, which means that once the Top Dog picks someone, they can not pick them again. If the Dog Pound member answers correctly, the Dog Pound scores a point; if not, the Top Dog scores a point. The first side to score three points wins the game and $25,000 (the five Dog Pound members receiving a divided $5,000 each if they win).


In the show's first season, a contestant had to be hospitalized after falling unconscious during a challenge where he had to hold his breath underwater.[1][2] The contestant sued NBC, claiming that the mechanism failed and caused him brain damage.[3] The episode continues to run in syndication on GSN.


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