Dog Star Man

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Dog Star Man
title card from the film
Directed by Stan Brakhage
Release dates
Running time
78 minutes (total)

Dog Star Man is a series of short experimental films, all directed by Stan Brakhage:

  • Prelude: Dog Star Man (1961)
  • Dog Star Man: Part I (1962)
  • Dog Star Man: Part II (1963)
  • Dog Star Man: Part III (1964)
  • Dog Star Man: Part IV (1964)

The entire film (Prelude and Parts 1 through 4) was named to the National Film Registry in 1992.[1]

The film is part of the by Brakhage: an Anthology Criterion collection DVD.

The same footage was also made into a much longer film, The Art of Vision. Both are generally considered the masterpieces of his first mature period.


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